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Sunday, April 01, 2012
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Ryan LANNIE (Time)6:02 RxNo warmup in garage
CrossFit Parker Apr 1,2012

Kelly H 10:07am
Haha, funny.

Alicia 10:14am
Please tell this is horrible April Fools Joke.....??? Right?!?!?

Nick C 10:34am
You can come to my house and kill my dog. Anything to keep the doors open!

Scott H 1:16pm
Haha, not funny.

Joe D 2:34pm
Great , now I can go back to my old routine , running around the Block and then kicking it back  under the bed and then go back to sleep, that's bad news , I guess I was at my peak performance  
Before I joined C.F. I would peak in the gym and  leave. Oh well back to taking a shower and not getting my feet wet! My neck will look like it's blowing bubbles again! Shoot , now I'll see my shadow in a Alley  and think I'm being followed by a mob! Any way , I'll take my reimbursement in snickers .....I guess I can Chalk it up as a good experience , no wait, I think Chalking it up is the reason the gyms closing! Too much chalk not enough floor! Ahahahaha.....

Ryan L 3:49pm
Nice Joe, that is funny!  APRIL Fool's!  I guess we will stay open one more month.  Sorry though Nick it is going to cost your dog.

Nick C 5:29pm
@Ryan your going to have to settle for my Son's cord blood. I love my dog to much.

Joe D 6:23pm
April Fools? Yippy, back to the box ! Yay! I love all those near death experiences I have had at CF Parker! And look forward to many more!

Kyla 9:13pm
Ryan's idea........:)  Glad you all like to laugh and hopefully don't take us too seriously!

Saturday, March 31, 2012
CrossFit Parker Mar 31,2012

CrossFit Parker Mar 31,2012

CrossFit Parker Mar 31,2012

Brian C 9:35am

How's life?  Done with basic yet, or is basic and school all rolled into a single course?

Alicia 8:45pm
Omg, my abs are on fire from today!

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