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KylaAug 11,2015
Hey CFP, we have had a lot of interest in making meals for kids around the world through Feed My Starving Children, so, now is your chance.  Crossroads Community Church is hosting a meal making event at the Parker Fieldhouse this month. I have reserved 25 spots on August 23 from 10am-12pm for CrossFit Parker. If you would like to reserve a spot send me an email. This is a great event and perfect for families.  If you want to get involved just email the number coming and names for each participant. They only ask that the kids be 5 years and over to pack meals. Here is more information   
If you would like more information on giving a donation I can get that to you.  Crossroads is trying to raise $44k for this event and they are getting pretty close. I know they would appreciate any donations from you as well. This will be so much fun and will feel great to be able to help so many others.

Sunday, April 01, 2012
CrossFit Parker Apr 1,2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012
CrossFit Parker Mar 31,2012

CrossFit Parker Mar 31,2012

Friday, March 30, 2012
CFP Crazy Complex 003

Elite: 100 KB Swings-2pd/1.5
         100 (Bar) Evil Wheels


Novice: 60 KB Swings-1.5pd/1
            60 (Bar) Evil Wheels


Beginner: 50 KB Swings-1pd/.5
              50 (Bar) Evil Wheels

*Break up sets in any manner.
**Substitute DB for KB when needed.
***30 Minute time cap!

Chosen as WOD: Fri,Mar 8,2013
1st10:00Sarah D Fri,Mar 30,2012
2nd16:45Alicia Fri,Mar 30,2012
3rd18:59Janelle Fri,Mar 8,2013
1st18:45 RxScott H Fri,Mar 30,2012
2nd6:35Nathan G Fri,Mar 8,2013
3rd10:05Matt D Fri,Mar 8,2013

Missy11:26  Novice
Scott H18:45 Rx
Melissa H10:27 Rx Novice
Kelly H10:37  Novice; 1/2pd, only went about 1/2 way down to floor
Sarah R12:40  elite, but with 1pd, 1/2 way to the floor
Steve B10:32  Novice
Sarah D10:00  NOVICE+ 40 KB after for fun:), 1/2 way down, 35#
Liz N10:20  Novice, halfway down
Amanda P9:47  Halfway, 20 lb Novice
Erica17:45  Elite, 1pd
Joe D28:58  100 & 100 53lbs. Nice Sweat, loved it!
Brian C15:25  elite,#53. shud have stepped up to 2 pd
Alicia16:45  Elite 1 Pood
Nick C21:46  100&100 53#
Matt D13:30  Beginner, 35lb, half way
Reba12:23  Novice 20#
Pablo21:32  100, 100 #53
Joe G24:55  100, 100 #53
Dani24:00  100, 100 28lb(?) - could have went heavier!
Results Posted: 19
CrossFit Parker Mar 30,2012