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Scott HOct 24,2014
Don't forget! Stacie's B-day party this coming Saturday! 3318 Raccoon lane, in Franktown. We would love for you to join us. 5pm. Let me know if you plan on coming! Thanks, Scott

Sunday, April 01, 2012
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Ryan LANNIE (Time)6:02 RxNo warmup in garage
CrossFit Parker Apr 1,2012

Kelly H 10:07am
Haha, funny.

Alicia 10:14am
Please tell this is horrible April Fools Joke.....??? Right?!?!?

Nick C 10:34am
You can come to my house and kill my dog. Anything to keep the doors open!

Scott H 1:16pm
Haha, not funny.

Joe D 2:34pm
Great , now I can go back to my old routine , running around the Block and then kicking it back  under the bed and then go back to sleep, that's bad news , I guess I was at my peak performance  
Before I joined C.F. I would peak in the gym and  leave. Oh well back to taking a shower and not getting my feet wet! My neck will look like it's blowing bubbles again! Shoot , now I'll see my shadow in a Alley  and think I'm being followed by a mob! Any way , I'll take my reimbursement in snickers .....I guess I can Chalk it up as a good experience , no wait, I think Chalking it up is the reason the gyms closing! Too much chalk not enough floor! Ahahahaha.....

Ryan L 3:49pm
Nice Joe, that is funny!  APRIL Fool's!  I guess we will stay open one more month.  Sorry though Nick it is going to cost your dog.

Nick C 5:29pm
@Ryan your going to have to settle for my Son's cord blood. I love my dog to much.

Joe D 6:23pm
April Fools? Yippy, back to the box ! Yay! I love all those near death experiences I have had at CF Parker! And look forward to many more!

Kyla 9:13pm
Ryan's idea........:)  Glad you all like to laugh and hopefully don't take us too seriously!

Saturday, March 31, 2012
CrossFit Parker Mar 31,2012

CrossFit Parker Mar 31,2012

CrossFit Parker Mar 31,2012

Brian C 9:35am

How's life?  Done with basic yet, or is basic and school all rolled into a single course?

Alicia 8:45pm
Omg, my abs are on fire from today!