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Scott HOct 24,2014
Don't forget! Stacie's B-day party this coming Saturday! 3318 Raccoon lane, in Franktown. We would love for you to join us. 5pm. Let me know if you plan on coming! Thanks, Scott

Sunday, May 06, 2012
CrossFit Parker May 6,2012

Saturday, May 05, 2012
CrossFit Parker May 5,2012

Joe D 11:48am
Lea, Jesus still Loves you and so do I !
Keep smiling , I love your smile , it makes me think when you 're pushing me to near death, everything will be ok.  !
Thanks . Nice bunch of people to work out with today!

Reba 11:56am
Great workout today!  Joe D is right Lea, Jesus does love you but I just didn't like you right then.... LOL.  Thanks for the motivation. :)

Ryan L 1:07pm
Now I know why everyone is so happy when I coach on Saturdays!  I guess I need to up my game (your pain), when I come in on weekends..

Kim P 1:16pm
Although I hated it when I was doing it, I was thankful for the hard workout! Not that I need that every Saturday!

Sean 5:53pm
Great workout today!! Thx kieth and Sarah for the motivation!!

Joe G 6:12pm
Look who is on the page of the Southwest Regional FB page....

Keith 6:13pm
Great job today Sarah and Sean! You guys are awesome!

Liz N 8:31pm
Thanks to Lara and Melissa from NM who picked up my slack on pull ups and toes to bar. Grip strength was shot. I agree with Kim. While I do enjoy these tough Saturday team WODs, I don't think I would enjoy them EVERY Saturday!  ;-)

Friday, May 04, 2012
Happy Friday RMB-ers! It looks like majority of you do really well during the work week and then subsequently fall apart on the weekend. Which I completely understand, my cheat meal on Friday nights often turns into an entire cheat weekend more often than I’d like to admit. Remember, preparation is the key to success…so start thinking about how you are prepare for the weekend! What strategies do you have in place to keep your cheat meal from turning into a -10 point day? Many of you eat 5+ times a day Monday through Friday and then only eat 3 (or less!) times a day on Saturday and Sunday! Think about how you can maintain the good habits that you have during the weekend…and share them on the RMB tab!

Don't forget the CrossFit SouthWest Regional is this weekend.  A perfect time to go watch and get some motivation.  Oh, and probably get or at least see some cool Reebok CrossFit gear. :)

Thruster 5x3


Chosen as WOD: Wed,Dec 15,2010
1st105 RxEdie Fri,May 4,2012
2nd100 RxSarah D Fri,May 4,2012
3rd80 RxKara G Fri,May 4,2012
1st205 RxRyan L Tue,May 24,2011
2nd185 RxScott H Fri,May 4,2012
3rd145 RxPablo Fri,May 4,2012

Keller135 Rx Bad form day
Sarah D100 Rx 55-65-75-85-100
Jim D95 Rx stretched arms between each set
Scott H185 Rx 95,125,145,165,185
Stacie75 Rx 45,55,65,75,85(f3)
Kara G80 Rx 45-55-65-75-80 (1 @ 85)
Deloss135 Rx 95, 115, 135, 115, 120
Eric175 Rx 115,135,155,165,175 (pr)
Matt Gal135 Rx 95,105,115,125,135,145(1)
Keith185 Rx 125-135-155-165-185-205(f2)
Sarah R95 Rx 55,65,75,85,95
Joe Co185 Rx 95-115-135-155-185-205x1 rep
Keedran65 Rx 45, 50, 55, 60, 65
Pablo145 Rx 95,115,125,135 ,145(f) the first time got it on the second try! PR
Rachel80 Rx 45-55-65-75-80
Liz N130 Rx 75-95-115-125-135(f), 130. 15# PR!
Brian C145 Rx
Edie105 Rx Memo to all: move your head out of the way! PR'd on 2nd 105 attempt!
Sean185 Rx 95, 115, 135, 165, 185
Reba85 Rx 45, 65, 75, 85, 90@1 rep
Lea95 Rx 65,75,85,95,100 (f-3)
Pat Ma155 Rx 95,105,115,135,155,185(f)
Joe G135 Rx 95,115,125,135 missed 145 not getting depth or explosive out of squat:-(
Amanda P65 Rx 45,50,55,60,65
CrossFit Parker May 4,2012

Joe D 7:59am
Thanks for the tips Lea. I believe the last two weekends were all Comfort Meals due to your Sat. Wods. I was physically and emotionally bruised!  
On a more serious note,  the sat. Wods have been great! You are awesome!

Deloss 9:08am
Cliff Builder's Bars are approx. 3 blocks of protein (20g) and carbs (30g) per bar.  20g of sugars though…not sure how bad that is.  Easy to take with you on the weekend with some nuts.  But what do I know my score sucks…we need to hear from those of you with high scores.  

Best tips so far for me was from Kevin…V8…easy way to get some veggies...and Lea baking veggies in the oven...great tip once I realized I actually had an oven and not just a microwave.  

Question...a beer is a carb can we zone it?

Scott H 9:18am
Deloss, I am not a fan of the high sugar protein bars. You may as well eat a snickers- its cheaper. 120% yes- you can zone beer. 8oz is 1 block for most beers.

Kyla 10:27am
Scott hit the nail on the head.

Lara 12:24pm
Regarding RMB -  a few things that work for me... I make a batch of Paleo Chicken nuggets (from Paleomg) and keep these on hand.  Perfect for snack and meals.  I've found if I start with a good breakfast my day tends to be okay.  If my breakfast sux... I go downhill!  Another item we like: from Sams Artisan Fresh Roasted garlic chicken sausage: 16P, 7F, 2C.  Yes, hi sodium and not clean but clean is not my goal.  Fav.. Fav.. Fav protein drink: American Pure Whey isolate, Chocolate - 1oz=0 fat, 1G sugar, aspartame free (does have sucralose), 28P.   I mix with vanilla unsweetened almond milk - YUMYUMYUM!!  Buy at Elite Nutrition. okay.. that's all I got!  WIll add V8 since my veggies are laking!!

Ryan L 12:38pm
Busy day at work as I post this from Sky Ridge E.R., Good Luck to ALL competitiors competing in SW Regionals this weekend.  Go hard and give it your all!  Chris Z. from South Metro Fire is competing in the Team division with Verve, good luck Chris.  As always I am rooting for overall winner individual; Chris Spealer!!  3-2-1 GO!

Liz N 1:34pm
I am with Ryan...GO SPEAL! He's my favorite male CrossFit athlete of all time.  Good luck to Zink and Verve team!  Also sending good luck wishes to our friend, Jesse Gilge, who is compete with Team CrossFit Unbroken!

Eric 1:54pm
Spealler takes diane in 1:52!!! New World Record

Deloss 2:35pm
Oh Scott, why did you have to tell me that.  That's a bummer.

Lea 2:35pm
Reba you just made my day by switching to the 6 PM class. I cannot wait to hear how you are going to motivate yourself today!!!

Reba 3:13pm
Glad I can assist :)

Joe Co 4:02pm
@Krystal - i will do my best to get to the 6 pm class i may be a little late

Pat Ma 4:38pm
we get a pass on alcohol points for holidays, right?

Ryan L 7:03pm
@Pat, are you taking your mom drinking for Mothers day next Sunday?:)
@Scott C. No kick backs (I wish), however I look good with that rag style hair! HOT! HA!!

Ryan L 7:48pm
@Pat, never mind.  I just heard on the radio what tomorrow was; it's like an Irish holiday right?:)
By the way if you have not followed the SW Regionals today all I can say is WOW!  Their were some amazing times thrown down.  Congrats to all competitors on day 1.  Can not wait to follow results tomorrow..

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