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Monday, May 07, 2012
Halfway through the RMB challenge! Has anyone noticed any changes in their body composition or WOD performance? Send you logs to me by 7 PM tonight!

Ryan L
Here are your SW Regional's top 3!  Chan, Burke, and Spealler will be going on to the big show in L.A.!  Congrats to all the athletes and teams from this weekend.

For the back squat today, be sure to look at your old stats.  Find your last 1 rep max and figure out 80% of that.


Back Squat 4x3 80% (1RM)

Good Mornings*  

*moderat to Heavy

Chosen as WOD: Mon,Feb 4,2013
1st145, 45 RxSarah D Mon,Feb 4,2013
2nd120,55 RxJanelle Mon,Feb 4,2013
3rd105,45 RxStacie Mon,Feb 4,2013
1st275,135 RxAdam Mon,Feb 4,2013
2nd240, 65 RxMatt V Mon,May 7,2012
3rd235 / 95 RxJoe D Mon,May 7,2012

Sarah D135, 35 Rx
Deloss220, 65 Rx
Kara G95, 65 Rx
Matt Gal195, 115 Rx
Larry165,65 Rx
Stacie95,65 Rx
Kelly H125, 65 Rx 45-55-65-65 GMs
Sean195, 115 Rx
Scott H225, 115 Rx 225x 12; 45,65,95,115
Kim P55, 50 Rx
Keller185, 115 Rx
Keith255,135 Rx
Matt V240, 65 Rx 240, 65
Chad H255,135 Rx
Pablo185, 95 Rx
Jered225,115 Rx
Keedran85, 65 Rx
Brian C205, 95 Rx focusing on form over weight in the past few months is starting to pay off; new PR in squat
Missy95,65 Rx
Joe D235 / 95 Rx
Janelle105 / 65 Rx
Liz N205, 75 Rx
Joe Co265, 45 Rx 245, 245, 255, 265 and 45 for good mornings hamstrings are weak!(305 1RM)
Katie75/20 Rx 55, 65, 75, 75 and 4 sets at 20 lbs
Jim D95 Back Squat Rx
Pat Ma295,155 Rx
Eric295, 95 Rx
Joe G185,95 Rx
Suzanne75, 45 Rx 27 weeks pregnant
Tyler115, 45 Rx
Amanda P75, 45 Rx
CrossFit Parker May 7,2012

Liz N 8:47am
Three very deserving guys going to the Games this year.  So thrilled to see Spealler make it, but definitely felt for Matt Hathcock.  Watching Regionals was so inspiring!  It was great to see Kim/Travis, Joe/Janelle, Rick/Melissa, and Joe G!
The biggest change I've seen is less bloat from all the processed foods/carbs, feeling better during WODs and dropping a couple of pounds and feeling clothes loosen up.  It's a great feeling!

Reba 3:21pm
Sorry I'm not going to be there today.:( I have to do a ton of paperwork to complete my loan... My offer was accepted on the house! :)  See you guys tomorrow.

Krystal 3:33pm
Yay Reba!  That is great news!

Liz N 4:11pm
FYI everyone, a 7pm class opened up for tomorrow night (Lea is training).  I am currently the only one signed up.  If anyone is willing to take a later class, I'd appreciate it!

Keedran 5:00pm
Congrats Reba!

Alicia 5:10pm
Miss you guys!!!!

Kim P 6:36pm
Body definitely feels better and my clothes are fitting a bit better! The scale though is not my friend!  Cutting alcohol out for the remainder of the challenge to see if that helps...wish me luck!!!

Brian C 7:50pm
good news everyone: just read a report in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine that is predicting that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030.  that means we will be getting better looking every day!

Reba 7:52pm
LMAO @ Brian...

Liz N 8:21pm
Congrats Reba! Brian C, that is an even bigger incentive to keep Crossfit'ing and eating healthy! Alicia, when do you come back? Had a lot of fun lifting with the guys (Pablo and Joe G) tonight!

Sunday, May 06, 2012
CrossFit Parker May 6,2012

Saturday, May 05, 2012
CrossFit Parker May 5,2012

Joe D 11:48am
Lea, Jesus still Loves you and so do I !
Keep smiling , I love your smile , it makes me think when you 're pushing me to near death, everything will be ok.  !
Thanks . Nice bunch of people to work out with today!

Reba 11:56am
Great workout today!  Joe D is right Lea, Jesus does love you but I just didn't like you right then.... LOL.  Thanks for the motivation. :)

Ryan L 1:07pm
Now I know why everyone is so happy when I coach on Saturdays!  I guess I need to up my game (your pain), when I come in on weekends..

Kim P 1:16pm
Although I hated it when I was doing it, I was thankful for the hard workout! Not that I need that every Saturday!

Sean 5:53pm
Great workout today!! Thx kieth and Sarah for the motivation!!

Joe G 6:12pm
Look who is on the page of the Southwest Regional FB page....

Keith 6:13pm
Great job today Sarah and Sean! You guys are awesome!

Liz N 8:31pm
Thanks to Lara and Melissa from NM who picked up my slack on pull ups and toes to bar. Grip strength was shot. I agree with Kim. While I do enjoy these tough Saturday team WODs, I don't think I would enjoy them EVERY Saturday!  ;-)